Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier Flora -- Pseudotsuga menziesii -- (Douglas-Fir)

presented by Susan McDougall

Pseudotsuga menziesii

The bark of mature Douglas-Fir is deeply grooved and reddish to gray. This old tree grows in a dense forest with few large associates, but the species is shade intolerant, and in young forest, behaves as a pioneer.

Author: Susan McDougall
Eastside Trail, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.8026, -121.5634, 2523
Date: August 1, 2013
Pseudotsuga menziesii

Superlatives best describe this abundant forest tree which, although most common in the lowlands, can be encountered at elevations as high as 6,000 feet. Here an old, tall specimen grows near the Cowlitz Divide trail.

Author: Susan McDougall
Cowlitz Divide Trail, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.7632, -121.5654, 2622
Date: July 1, 2016
Pseudotsuga menziesii

Long-lived, thousand-year-old trees grow at the Park. These young trees are thriving in an open site alongside the Stevens Canyon highway. This is variety menziesii.

Author: Susan McDougall
Stevens Canyon, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.7704, -121.6882,
Date: July 24, 2015

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