Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier Flora -- Senecio triangularis -- (Arrowleaf Senecio)

presented by Susan McDougall

Senecio triangularis

Many flowering heads form a compact, flat-topped cluster. The plants may reach 4 feet in height, and the leaves are toothed and triangular.

Author: Susan McDougall
Longmire, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.7529, -121.8134, 2820
Date: July 2, 2014
Senecio triangularis

A very common yellow-flowered aster, this senecio grows in moist habitat, most often in open sites, although occasionally at forest edges and alongside trails.

Author: Susan McDougall
Reflection Lakes, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.7683, -121.7277, 4842
Date: July 31, 2013

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