Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier Flora -- Viola glabella -- (American Alpine Speedwell)

presented by Susan McDougall

Viola glabella

Found in moist woods from low to subalpine elevations, Stream Violet can form large patches, spread from a thick rootstalk. The leaves are heart-shaped, toothed, and tapered to a short tip.

Author: Susan McDougall
Stevens Canyon near Box Canyon, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.75907,-121.6397
Date: June 5, 2014
Viola glabella

The yellow flowers are borne 1-3 with a few leaves near the top of the stems; the lower petals have purple veins.

Author: Susan McDougall
Sunshine Point, Mount Rainier National Park
GPS: 46.73863,-121.913
Date: May 18, 2014

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